Landscaping companies that provide lawn maintenance and landscaping solutions in cities such as Sarasota, FL are always in demand. But why? It’s because most homeowners want to preserve the elegance and beauty of their properties. And, of course, it’s always nice to look at a front yard that has a clean lawn and a beautiful landscaping design. While this is true for most homeowners, there are some who are not only doing this for aesthetic purposes alone. In fact, some people avail of lawn service — specifically lawn repair — because of the belief that a healthy lawn will increase their property’s value.

So, the question is — Do lawns affect the price of a home? Let’s take a look at 2 key factors.

The “Halo Effect”

Ever heard of the saying “First Impressions Last”? If you have, then it may surprise you to know that this applies to one’s home value. How is this possible? It’s because of a psychological phenomenon known as the Halo Effect. According to psychologists, this occurs when people base their opinions about an entity on one single characteristic. In other words, it happens when people believe in their first impressions on a certain object.

Now, let’s relate it to the question. Although these opinions don’t have a direct effect on a property’s price, impressions influence the decision-making of would-be buyers. How they look at and perceive a property would help them determine if they’re willing to push through with the acquisition. And when talking about properties, people will notice lawns first. This is where a concept called Curb Appeal — the attractiveness of a home when viewed by people from the sidewalk — comes into play. Since it is the most noticeable part of a property, it serves as an initial basis for potential buyers. Let’s put it this way: A home that has a damaged lawn may cause people to think that the property is in disarray. If this happens, you may have a hard time selling the property.

Studies and Surveys

While the previous point tackles first impressions, this factor talks about data that supports the idea of lawns affecting a property’s value. In fact, it emphasizes the benefits of landscaping services. A 2016 study by Landscape and Urban Planning stated that “a lush, green lawn may bolster property values while a lawn that fails to conform to neighborhood norms may be perceived as a financial or social liability”. Additionally, it mentions that well-maintained lawns and landscaping may contribute to a 5% to 20% increase in property value.

Looking at these 2 key factors, it’s clear that the benefits of lawn care services have significant effects on your Sarasota property’s value. With that said, regularly maintaining your lawn would do you wonders. But if you feel that you are unable to do it on your own, you can always hire a lawn care service company or landscaping service providers to do the job for you.

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