Modern innovations and societal shifts are indeed impressive and surprising in terms of how far we have come as a society. From manufacturing and construction to lawn maintenance and landscaping in Sarasota, there is practically no field that hasn’t been touched by the latest trends in lifestyle and technology. And because we are in the lawn service industry, it would be fitting to discuss further into our field.

This article discusses the latest trends in the lawn service industry. What can both homeowners and contractors expect this 2019? Let’s take a look.

Sophisticated Design Software
Gone are the days when both contractors and homeowners would draw their chosen landscaping layout on a piece of blueprint or paper. With the rise of modern software programs, one can now input their desired layout on a screen instead of doing the traditional trial-and-error method of landscaping which takes valuable time. In fact, some programs are so user-friendly that they even provide downloadable graphics of plants and other landscaping materials. All one has to do is take the desired plant object and place it on the virtual lawn. Once it has been finalized, the contractor can go ahead and copy what is on the virtual layout. Evidently, sophisticated design software makes landscape planning a lot cooler and easier.

Battery-powered Equipment
Though not an entirely new concept, there has been an increase in the demand for battery-powered tools and instruments. In an article made by Jim Odom called Seven green industry trends for 2019, he cited William Cruz of Gachina Landscape Management who stated that more and more local municipalities have been urging homeowners and lawn service providers to switch to battery-operated equipment, as they are more efficient in terms of power consumption and flexibility. If you come to think about it, those in the lawn maintenance and landscaping industry in places like Sarasota could definitely benefit from this growing trend. Just imagine the hardship of trying to cut down a tree branch with a piece of short-cable equipment, with no socket near the site. With battery-powered equipment, such a situation no longer poses a problem.

Pollinator Gardens
There has been a growing trend regarding ecosystem maintenance. Younger generations are becoming more interested in promoting the preservation of the local ecosystem by catering to pollinating plants. The older generation is seen to be more responsible in keeping their local wildlife in check. This is actually a trend that should be focused on. Why so? Let’s take bees, for example. These insects are at the top of the pollination cycle, but recent studies have shown that their population has decreased dramatically over the years – partly because of lack of an ecosystem they can thrive on. The desire to solve this global dilemma has given rise to many innovations in the landscaping industry, particularly the pollinator gardens which are landscapes that are mainly purposed to increase pollination grounds. And with more of these gardens catering to pollination, we might see an increase of not only bees but other animals as well. So it is, in fact, a good sign that more and more homeowners are hopping into the pollinator garden train.

Privacy is becoming a more important concept for people nowadays. And while outdoor living spaces were traditionally made to entertain guests, the trend for 2019 and even onwards is more in favor of secluded spaces located within the garden. This is because people simply love to be tucked away, undisturbed within the confines of their abode while still being able to savor nature at its best, which is not surprising at all. With our lives becoming more hectic as the economy grows, people inevitably become more stressed. And secluded areas that are affixed with touches of nature serve as perfect sanctuaries for people to get away to when de-stressing at the end of each day.

2019 is full of new trends for lawns and landscapes, and we have barely scratched the surface with this list that we have made! New landscaping techniques and plant choices are also among the latest trends one can expect in 2019 and even beyond! You need to keep up if you want to provide the latest innovations and trends for your residential property.

Here at Willis Lawn and Landscape, we are up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, from garden layouts to new equipment available. If you’re looking to develop your lawn or improve your existing landscape design, partner with us and we’ll provide you with solutions for all lawn maintenance and landscaping needs for your Sarasota home.

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