One of the most common reasons why people seek for lawn maintenance and landscaping in Sarasota is because of their never-ending problems with one specific type of plant: weed. And no, it’s not THAT. Rather, we are talking about that kind of unwanted plant that grows quickly over a short period of time and spreads like wildfire in your garden. Naturally, people would look for solutions that can help them prevent weed from engulfing their beautiful yards. One might think that chemical spray is the answer to the problem, but the reality is that it’ll only do more harm than good. So, what is a better alternative? Well, the answer to that is simple: weed barriers.

Usually placed near flowers and crops, weed barriers provide protection by preventing weed from encroaching in these areas. These materials block sunlight, oxygen, and water from reaching these pesky plants, stunting their growth in the process. Essentially, it helps homeowners maintain the cleanliness and elegance of their lawns without using harmful chemicals. There are multiple variations of weed barriers that can be used to prevent weed from growing and spreading. With that said, here are some of the different types of weed barriers.

Historically used by gardeners, natural weed barriers are made out of organic materials such as mulch, leaves, straw, and peat moss. Since these substances are already typically found in people’s lawns, it is the cheapest out of the variations. However, it has its weaknesses. If the barrier is too thick, it cuts off water and oxygen from reaching your plants or crops. There is also the possibility that these organic materials contain weed seeds which will only lead to more weed growing and scattering around your lawn.

Landscape Fabric
On to the next, landscape fabrics are generally sold in gardening shops near you and are commonly used by companies that offer lawn maintenance and landscaping in Sarasota. Consisting of black polyethylene (which blocks the sunlight from reaching the underlying weeds)  and synthetic geotextile materials (in the form of a mesh that allows water and oxygen to reach the soil), this alternative is more efficient compared to chemical sprays. Despite its efficiency, landscape fabrics would eventually soften and develop tears.

Solid Plastic
The last one is the most efficient when it comes to preventing weed growth in your lawns and gardens: solid plastic weed barriers. It provides the same protection that landscape fabrics do with the added bonus of being highly resistant to tears and reducing soil moisture evaporation. It also has a UV-resistant variation that can ensure better growth for your flowers and crops. The sole weakness of solid plastic weed barriers is its waterproof properties. This means that gardeners would have to create holes on it that would allow water to reach their flowers and crops.

Aside from these, there are more variations of weed barriers that can help you prevent weed from destroying the aesthetic of your garden. Now, although these materials are of great help to you, there’s no denying that it’s just a temporary solution to a never-ending problem. Of course, it would still be better to seek professional assistance when it comes to maintaining your lawn and eradicating those pesky plants.

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